These boys all took part in Castle Drogo's Cross Country Competition.  The course is rather hard and all the boys achieved personal targets.. one won the race by a considerable margin!  Well done Lamerton Lads! You are an inspiration.  Keep running!
In dance we have been creating a group dance using themes from WW2.
We have 9 children leading Wake Up Shake Up this term. They have each created their own routines for us all to follow, the aim being to make sure we are out of breath by the end! The staff are very proud of our PE leaders who work hard to keep us fit and ready for a day of learning.
When it is raining we follow Go Noodle routines or Joe Wick’s workouts in the classrooms. These are great fun and an inspiration for our own routines although we have to be careful about space and others around us!
 The following two videos capture our first orienteering lesson. The children worked well in teams, looking at picture clues to locate control markers around the school. The leaders were excellent in helping everyone In their groups to fully participate in what proved to be a challenging activity. Well done everyone.. more challenges next week!
Our tennis lessons allow the children to challenge themselves with personal targets and progress at their own rates.