Lamerton Primary School is committed to providing a broad and balanced music curriculum which is accessible and enjoyed by all. Our underlying intent is for children to grasp the knowledge of the interrelated dimensions of music. This is made up of: pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and notation which provide the building blocks to music. Through the use of a well structured music programme, we are able to plan, apply, monitor and recap these fundamental areas and keep standards in music high across all year groups. Children are able to show their knowledge of musicality through a plethora of opportunities including: musical games and activities, composing and performing.

Below is a diagram showing the interrelated dimensions of music and how it develops throughout the year groups.

We have mapped out a progression of skills across the school year groups. Likewise, here is a visual representation of the different aspects of music and their progression throughout KS1 and KS2.
Here is our school policy...
The National Curriculum for music can be found by clicking here.
Here we are learning to play the boomwhackers!