22nd May 2015



Reporter:  Richard de Wilde

Class 2 from Lamerton (C of E) Primary School went to the historical site of Merrivale; on the 22nd May 2015, for their history project about Prehistoric Britain.

The plan was to leave for Merrivale at 9:15am, but because of the foggy weather the trip had to be postponed to 1:00pm. The trip was one and a half hours long. Merrivale is a historical site located on Dartmoor which is a 20 minute drive from Lamerton.

The class was split into groups of 4 or 5 to drive to Merrivale. When they arrived at Merrivale the class got split into different groups, with an adult to supervise the children, the teacher had split the year 5 and 6s equally in the groups and made them the group leaders. For their task the teacher handed out pictures of different places at Merrivale and said the children had to locate the pictures and then hand the found pictures to the group leader. The children were then given boundaries and a time limit to find all the pictures.

 “The trip was a sort of hike.” A child from Lamerton School stated.

“The pictures were quite a distance away from each other.”

The children stated that they thought they had found lots of old tombs and that one of them had been robbed in the Victorian times. The teacher had then asked them why they thought it had been robbed in the Victorian times instead of a different era. The children replied that they had looked carefully and had found some drill marks.

Class 2 had said they had loved going to Merrivale and had said they had found it a shame not to leave for Merrivale earlier; because they had enjoyed it so much.

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