History: A Visit from Guy! (October ‘21)

The children had a wonderful surprise on Tuesday. A cloaked visitor arrived causing gasps and excitement. Carrying a small barrel, he began to chant the following: ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot... Yes, Class 1 had a visit from the infamous Guy Fawkes! He started the day by telling the children about his life. Recalling key facts, information and dates he had the children spellbound. He was, however, very impressed with our children’s knowledge too. 
We then had a small (safe) fire in the playground! The smoke swirled around us transporting us to bonfires, fireworks and toffee apples. As a class we talked about some key words connected to’ The Gunpowder Plot’. ‘Conspiracy’, ‘effigy’ and ‘parliament’ were just some of the words we discussed.
Later, we compared old objects of Fawkes’ era to modern items of the same nature, The children loved it when Guy used a pen as a back scratcher, and he was very interested with a mobile phone! What a funny strange contraption! Using pegs and pictures, the children were also set a task to put the story of his life in chronological order. This was challenging but the children were all up to the task!

We also played an exciting maths game, talked about the rules of ‘Bonfire Night’ and went on a stamp trail! Before he left, the children asked him a few vital questions:
”Does your barrel really contain gunpowder?”
”Is your beard real?”

”Will you be back?”  “Someday”, Guy remarked secretly, “Now stay safe this Bonfire Night and enjoy the fireworks!” He swiftly excited and left the children in a state of giddy excitement and happiness!