Class 2 Holiday Activity Ideas

2nd April 2020


Class 2 Holiday Activities

I hope that you are all OK at home and managing to have fun.  Being stuck indoors on a rainy day needn’t be boring.. try some of these ideas:

1)      Build an amazing den with duvets and blankets.  Use household items like in Stig of the Dump! Make sure you make up a password for family members.

2)      Create your own language.  A simple language can be made by adding the letter ‘a’ or ‘e’ to the end of every word.   Make it more complicated by adding a vowel after every syllable.  Teach your parents!

3)      Try out these fantastic engineering ideas – they will keep you busy for days!:

4)       Visit some fantastic global locations using Google Earth! The following website suggests creating a journal of your visits:

Or just download the suggested destinations here:

5)      Visit an interactive museum.

6)      Have fun with an animation app. (Children in Y4-6) studied animation last summer and created super animations with lego.  Try Stop motion studio.

7)      Bake or cook a meal from scratch.

8)      Make up a puppet show or play and ask family members to help perform it.

9)      Learn how to clean/use the washing machine/wash the car.  Be useful!

10)   Leave a joke a day on your door for the postman/woman!