Week beginning Monday 6th July English, Maths, Ancient Greece, Art, Computing

Two weeks to go!  
Hello everyone,
How are you all doing?  We have nearly arrived at the end of term so hang on in there!  Phew!  Please keep up with the maths lessons which are about shape and measure and in English we are using another video clip this week as lots of you enjoyed Paddington.  
The origami requires patience and super folding skills.  Good luck! 
Scratch skills are improving... Matthew's our current class expert. 
Enjoy learning a little more about Ancient Greece. 
This week you will be revising spellings.  There are activity booklets on last week's web page.
This week we will be using the 'Dragon Slayer' clip below. 
Watch the clip and stop it at 2:08 minutes.  Write the story so far using plenty of description to describe the scene and the characters feelings.  There is a picture sheet for you to use if you would like to illustrate your story.
Open the adverbials power point and remind yourself about adverbials!  Pick an image from ‘The Dragon Slayer’ picture sheet and write as many different types of adverbial phrases to go with the picture as you can think of.  Challenge: write some extended sentences.  Use the fronted adverbial sheet to help you.
Wednesday and Thursday (long write):
Watch the whole clip.  Think about how the horse reacts and the dragon slayer changes his opinion.  Write the story from first seeing the dragon from the horse's point of view.  Use fronted adverbials in your story.
e.g.  Yesterday evening I was clomping through the dusty sand and minding my own business, when all of a sudden he spotted the dragon...
Write instructions for taking care of baby dragons.  (Year 3 and 4 have had a go at a similar task during the Autumn Term)  Can you make your instructions specific?  Follow the plan below:
How to look after Baby Dragons
Introduction - why are baby dragons tricky to look after and how will the instructions help?
1. Explain how you should house a baby dragon.  What do they like and how can you keep everyone safe?
2. Explain how to feed baby dragons.  What do they eat and how often? Where can you find their food?
3. Explain how you can entertain the dragons.  
4. Extra information...
Watch the whole clip.
Please follow the link to your daily Maths lesson. The lessons for all year groups are about shape or measure which we haven't covered this year so please follow these lessons.  Try the games by following the link and continue with TT Rockstars and Sumdog. 
We missed out on hosting our Japanese visitors earlier this year.  When they visit, we have a go at origami so here are a couple of videos to try.  The second is easier.  
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Ancient Greece
Last week, somebody asked to find out more about Alexander the Great so there is a short video to watch about him.  He managed to create a huge empire before he died at the age of 33. 
I was also asked for more information about the Olympic Games.
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