Week Beginning Monday 4th May

It was great to speak to you last week with Mrs DK and lovely to be able to read your work or her your news and write back to you using the forms.  You have all been doing some super work at home and we love seeing your photos on the website.  Thank you for sharing stories you have written, games, models, mazes and artwork you have made, spelling scores, maths and topic work.   
This week is topic week!  We will focus on Science, History and Art this week along with the usual Maths and Spellings.  There is a new spelling website/app that is free during the lockdown and will be especially useful to those who find spelling tricky. It is simple to use and helps children learn spellings using images, story sentences etc.  Follow the link below to get your free code.  Start with the first box and work your way through... there will be challenging spellings for everyone.
Please open all the files and links in the box below to follow the Olympic Games lesson and try the quiz.  There is also a 3D Greek pot activity on which you could paint or draw the scene from your pot picture or try copying one of the Olympic Games scenes on the picture file.  You will need a balloon, newspaper, orange and black paint, masking tape and glue.  There is a papier mache recipe for you to use. Have fun!
It is the 75th anniversary of VE Day on Friday.  Follow the links to watch what happened on VE Day.  You can make a model spitfire and have a go at the morse code challenge by opening the files on this page.  On Friday at 12 o'clock, you are invited to a Class 2  VE Day celebration picnic!  You could make your own celebration hat, make a VE Day picnic and bring something to share for 'show and tell'. See you on Friday!
Please follow the links to your daily White Rose maths lesson and your arithmetic and mental arithmetic tests.
Practise at anytime using Sumdog and TT Rockstars.  Many of the children will have a diagnostic test to do on Sumdog to check their progress.