Week beginning 8th June science experiments, RE, music

Science Years 3&4: Find out all about the different types of teeth!
Over the last 2 weeks, you have learned a lot about the digestive system. This week, our job is to be able to name the different types of teeth, and know what function they have. You have had a lot of powerpoints, so this week is more interactive, with some quick videos to watch and quizzes to try.
1. Follow the first link to watch a video all about the different types of teeth. Read the information underneath, and there is a quiz to play.
2. Follow the second link to find out why animals have different types of teeth. 
3. The third link is a video which will remind you about the importance of brushing and looking after your teeth.
4. At the end of the lesson, try to say out loud what the 3 different types of teeth are, and what they do. Why not use mirrors to try and look inside your own mouth and identify these different types of teeth? Count them too...how many teeth do you have?!
Extra challenge
If you want more on this topic, why not research your favourite animal and the type of teeth it has? You could find a diagram of its skull on the internet and make a poster of it! 
Science Y5&6: Find out more about your heart!!
Over the last 2 weeks you have learned a lot about the heart and circulatory system, and you have had a lot of reading to do. Today, the lesson is more practical.
1. Firstly, watch the 4 short video clips on Bitesize by following the link below.
2. Secondly, get active!! Follow the steps in either or both of the experiments on the photo. You won't need much equipment. When you have finished, think carefully about what this shows you about the heart and circulation. It truly is an amazing system. 
RE: Islam
We are skipping one of the Oak Academy Islam lessons, as it is all about the 5 Pillars of Islam, which we did a lot of work on back in the Autumn term. (You can find that lesson in the Y4 section of the Oak National Academy if you want to recap.)
Music - singing
A lesson from the Oak Academy for all you keen singers out there!