Week beginning 8th June English, Maths, Computing, Art, Geography

Welcome back to another week of Home Learning!  I know that there is a LOT of hard work going on at home. It is great to see your photos on the website and I love receiving your feedback forms.  
PLEASE SPEND LOTS OF TIME ON SUMDOG THIS WEEK! I have reset the system to assess most of you and  you will need to try really hard to be as accurate as possible so that the system judges your Maths level correctly.  You will need to play for at least half an hour in one go and then continue to play through the week.  Thanks.
There is a volcanoes live lesson for Friday at 10:30 to join in with which we will also be following in school.  I have included a couple of art activities this week for those of you who love being creative.  Keep going with the Devon games challenge and if there is anything you need help with - do send me an email. 
Have a great week.
It is great to hear that lots of you are doing the Devon P.E. challenge.  If you haven't joined up, the link is on the News section of the website. We have been joining in with Joe Wicks at school too!
You will still have your booklet to work through from last week.  You will find the spellings and typing links below.
All the maths for this week is in the maths file for your year group. I have added a problem solving activity which you can do on your own or with someone at home.  It would be best to do it together so you have  someone to discuss your thinking with if possible.  The Y3s will need to colour squares to make your aliens as you won't have multi-link cubes at home. The Y3/4 groups can try each others' problem as can Y5/6.
I have included a link to the Scratch lessons so you can continue to work through them.  Don't forget to include instructions so that people can play your games.  If you have completed the lessons you can follow the link to try Raspberrypi activities.  You will need to create your own account.
This week we will be looking at maps.  Follow the link to the BBC page and watch the video, read the information and try the quiz.  Then, open the feedback form to continue the lesson.
On Friday we will be watching the Natural History Museum’s live Volcanoes lesson at school. Follow the link below to join us at 10:30. Open the form before you watch as I'd like you to make notes just like when we watched March of the Penguins at school.  You can then use your notes to present your learning in different ways. Have fun!
Art Activity:
Draw a picture of Medussa or paint some cartoon style splotchy birds! Watch these videos and pause as you try out the techniques.  You will need a paintbrush, some watercolours and a black pen for the birds.  You will need to draw your own letters if you want to try the writing too!