Week beginning 29th June Science, Art, RE, Music

Science Y3&4: Food Chains and Webs
We had a look at food chains briefly in the habitat live lesson a while ago. This week you are going to look a bit more closely at food chains and see how they are different/similar to food webs.
1. Read the powerpoint and have a go at defining each of the words to do with food chains. If you don't know all of the vocabulary, write down the words which are new to you, along with a definition, and try to learn them.
2. Have a go at designing your own food chain or food web poster. Use the internet to get pictures of the animals you want to include. Choose one habitat or micro-habitat to focus on for your food chain, and consider what the producer is and which animals will be in that environment. Think carefully about which animal is first, second etc in the chain. Label your diagrams.
3. Take a photo of your poster and email it to school so that I can send you feedback.
Don't forget to keep on checking your eggs from last week's experiment - have any of them changed?
Y5&6 Science: Healthy Living, the history and impact of smoking 
You have learned a lot in the last few weeks about why it is so important to keep the heart and circulatory system in top condition. Last week you considered the impact of healthy eating and exercise in maintaining overall body health. All of you know that smoking is bad for you, and this week we will explore WHY this habit is damaging to our overall health. With some of you moving on to secondary school soon, being armed with information will help you make sensible decisions as you become teenagers.
Read through the powerpoint - did you know that tobacco comes from a plant?
Watch the PSHE smoking video.
Thirdly, choose one (or two) of the activity sheets to complete.
Finally, have a discussion with someone at home about what you have learned, and discuss how you might handle peer pressure when faced with a situation of being offered a cigarette.
ART, RE and Music
Your Art and RE lessons this week come form the Oak Academy. In Art, you will learn about abstract art and the famous artist Juan Miro.
In RE, you will learn about the split that developed in Islam after Muhammad's death, and where the terms 'Sunni' and 'Shia' come from. If you have been following this sequence of lessons, you will now be an Islamic expert, and will begin an essay today demonstrating your knowledge. 
For Music this week, it's time to get creative. If you learned the Groovy Greeks song last week, try adding another verse all of your own! You have learned so much about the Ancient Greeks this term, now try to put your knowledge to music! Write down some of your favourite facts and then try to make a verse using the same rhythm and number of beats as the song. If this goes well, email your verses to the school so we can put them up on the website.