Week beginning 22nd June Science, Art, RE, Music

Science Years 5&6: A Healthy Lifestyle
Over the last few weeks you have learned a lot about the circulatory system. Today you are going to think closely about how to have and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and consider why this is important. You will look more closely at the different food groups and vitamins that we need in order to keep our heart and bodies in top condition!.
Activity 1: Read carefully through the powerpoint and make notes about any of the food groups or vitamins that you are less familiar with.
Activity 2: Design and create a poster or leaflet all about having a healthy lifestyle. If possible, send a picture of your work in to school so I can give you some feedback (this is instead of a google form this week).
Activity 3: If you want more, look at the picture of red and white blood cells under the microscope. I think it's amazing how different they are! You could paint your own version of these blood cells - be as creative as you can. You could try techniques such as blowing the paint on your page through a straw to create the effect of the white blood cell.
Science Years 3&4: Tooth Decay Investigation
This week you have a practical science investigation to complete! For this experiment, you will need equal volumes of some different liquids - eg water, milk, coke, orange juice, apple juice - and a hard boiled egg for each liquid plus an extra egg to use as a control.
Firstly, read through the powerpoint and make sure you understand what you are being asked to observe. You will need to record any changes to the eggs over the course of the next few days. The reason we use eggs is because their shells are a realistic model of tooth enamel. So although we are using eggs, we are really exploring what happens to teeth when we drink certain drinks.
Secondly, record your predictions. Write down which liquids you are using, and say what you think will happen to each egg when it is left in the liquid for a few days.
Thirdly, get all your equipment ready. Boil the eggs for around 5 minutes. Make sure your test is fair by pouring an equal amount of each liquid into equal-sized containers. 
Finally, enjoy observing your eggs. Check each one once a day, and record in detail any changes that have taken place on the attached sheet, or in a table you make yourself.
Once you have completed the investigation, you can complete the reporting sheet or write up the investigation on lined paper, saying what you did and what this shows you. You can send your reports to me so that I can send you feedback. What have you learned about keeping your teeth healthy?
RE, Art and Music
Our RE and Art lessons this week are from the Oak Academy. I hope you are enjoying these easy-to-follow lessons. In RE, you will learn more about some Muslim festivals. Before you start, can you remember the names of any of the Muslim festivals that we have talked about in class? (Hint: one of them is to do with the pillar of Sawm or fasting).
I know that a lot of you will enjoy the Art lesson:the Circle Challenge. Please send in your finished pictures to the school so that we can share them on the website.
For Music this week, it's time to have some fun! Watch the Horrible Histories Groovy Greeks song, and join in when you know some of the words. Why not challenge yourself to learn the song off by heart?!