Week beginning 1st June Science, Art, Music, RE

Hi Everyone and welcome back to home school! It will be lovely to see some of you back in the school building this week, with more of you hopefully coming soon. Please find resources here for your science lessons for this week, a quick and easy lesson learning how to draw a Minotaur, and music and RE from the Oak Academy. There is also a new Greek recipe in the DT folder to try - a pudding this time. Enjoy!
Year 3 and 4 Science: What do the parts of the digestive system do?
Last week you learned to name the different parts that help us digest our food. This week you are going to find out the FUNCTION - or job - of each different part. Follow the powerpoint and complete the sheets. At the end of the powerpoint there is a quiz, which is fun to do to test your learning.
Please note, there is a LOT of information in this powerpoint (you don't need to remember it all), and you might prefer to split this lesson into 2 shorter sessions.
Year 5 and 6 science: how does the circulatory system work?
Follow the powerpoint. You will be learning about the parts of the heart, and how the circulatory system works. There is a reading comprehension with questions (choose to print either the 2* or 3* questions). As an extra challenge, you can create your own quiz game - there is a choice of a board game (use the template provided or create your own) or How to be a Millionaire.
Follow the video to learn how to draw a Minotaur. The man uses a black pen, but I recommend you start in pencil and then outline in black once you have finished. He goes quickly so you will probably need to pause the video to complete each stage.
Click on the link for the second lesson about Islam from the Oak Academy.
Click on the link for another music lesson from the Oak Academy.