Week beginning 18th May English, Maths, Computing, PE and Ancient Greece

Hello!  It is so lovely that lots of you are filling in our online forms and sending photos in to the website so that we can see what you are learning at home.  Mrs DK and I have been busy sorting out all your online learning and resources in the classroom.  Mrs Dawe, Mrs Eaton and Mrs Ruth have been very busy all week, cleaning all the toys and equipment in school, tidying and even cutting the hedge round the gate.  We are all looking forward to seeing you again when we can.  We hope you have a lovely rest with your families over half term and will continue to put lessons on our Class 2 home learning page after the holiday.  Have a good week this week and a super holiday.  
Continue to practise your spellings and use the English booklets on last week's page for your English lessons.  Don't forget to use your comprehension and SPAG books too.
Please follow the link to your daily White Rose Maths lesson. It is great that so many of you are following these lessons and the arithmetic sheets to keep in line with our normal school plans.  Print the Activity sheets and watch the White Rose video.  The teacher will tell you when to attempt the questions on the sheets. They get progressively harder and not all children will be able to manage the final page.
The arithmetic sheets are a great way of revising all your maths skills and please ask for help at home if you need help or to practise particular questions.  The Mental Arithmetic questions can be read out to the children where the audio file has not been included.  Unfortunately, I am not currently able to download the audio files from the website.  I already had some on a memory stick but not all so apologies if your year group's is missing.  Do not worry about sticking to the time too much as this can cause children to panic! 
Ancient Greece:
This week's Ancient Greece lesson is all about gods, goddesses and heroes.  There are many fantastic myths to entertain you such as 'Perseus and Medussa' and 'Heracles'.  Find out more by following the links below and watch Disney's Herecles if you get the opportunity.
Download the Active Games App to join in with challenges, work towards awards and get feedback from a coach.  Follow the link from the News page on our website.
Lots of you enjoyed computing with Scratch last week so follow the link to enjoy some more lessons with Raspberry Pi.  Remember to open your Scratch account first using your information in your green book and then follow the link to the lessons below.  Y5/6 children had a few lessons of work set last week.  Investigate other lessons on Raspberry pi if you finish.  After half term we will be using Toodlebit lessons.
If you can't login, send me an email so I can change your password!  Don't forget to save and share your work.