Week beginning 15th June Science, Art, RE, Music

This week your Science work is to read these lovely e-books, all about the Digestive System (Y3/4) and Circulatory System (Y5/6). You can read them with an adult or to yourselves. Think carefully about any of the information that is new to you or that you find hard to understand, and discuss it with an adult. Once you have finished reading, please complete the google forms so that I can see how much you have learned! All the answers are in the e-books if you need to go back and have another look. You could also try drawing a labelled diagram of the human heart (Y5/6), or the digestive system (Y3/4), using pictures from the e-books to help you.
For Art this week, have a go at sketching a Greek temple. There are some youtube videos to help you, and as always, we love to see the photos of your amazing artwork once you have finished! If you enjoyed the one-point perspective drawing we did in school a while ago, have a go at the 2 point perspective drawing!
RE and Music:
follow the links below for more RE and music from the Oak Academy.