Week beginning 15th June English, Maths, Geography, DT.

Happy Birthday to Albert and Ava!
It is Albert's birthday on Saturday and Ava's on Sunday.  Have fun!
This week we will focus on grammar. The lessons below are about modal verbs which we study throughout KS2.  Please start by watching the power point to remind yourself about modal verbs.  (I have saved a pdf file too for those who can't access power points). 
Follow the modal verbs booklet to page 7.  Then watch the Kid President video - you will recognise him from our assembly videos!  Afterwards, write your own Kid president speech which you could then use to produce your own video.  Don't forget to dress up for it!  Children in Y5/6 and those in Y3/4 who have time, continue with the activities in the booklet.  Email your videos and writing in to school.  We will be using the same activities in the classroom.  We also practise our spellings and touch typing daily. 
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How to make the World Awesome! 

Use different model verbs to write your own Kid president speech.  Record yourself and email the file to school. e.g:

When I am kid president, I will make the world a more awesome place!

 In order to do that, I would change everyone’s way of thinking and would make everyone think positively all the time (easier said than done!).

 I might let my baby sister live with me in my palace/castle but only if she asks nicely.....


Try these SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) mysteries. The first is for Y5/6  and the second for Y3/4. 
Please continue to use the White Rose lessons that we use in school. I have included the mental arithmetic lesson and an NRich problem solving activity.
It is great to hear that lots of you are doing the Devon P.E. challenge.  If you haven't joined up, the link is on the News section of the website. We have been joining in with Joe Wicks at school too!
We are learning about longitude and latitude this week. Follow the link to the BBC video and quiz and then use the files in the zip folder to continue learning.  There is a cheesy song to watch, a worksheet to try using an atlas and a battleship game to print and play with a partner.  Maybe you could play with a friend online.
Art or Design and Technology
Watch the videos about how Ancient Greek architecture has been used to design buildings.  The last video will be difficult to understand but the images of London buildings are inspiring. Learn how to draw columns and then design your own modern building influenced by Greek temples.  Remember to include columns and pediments and make your building symmetrical.  You could draw it or create it.
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