Week beginning 13th July Science, DT, music, drama

I want to say a huge well done to each one of you amazing children still working at home. We have missed you especially in the last couple of weeks, as more children have been returning to school. One week of home learning to go, before you can all enjoy a well- earned Summer beak. Let’s hope the sun will keep shining so that we can make the most of being outdoors. Some of you may even be going on holiday, as lockdown restrictions are easing - if you are, please tell me on your midweek feedback form! Although the teachers are ready for a break too, we are all looking forward to seeing you back in school in September.
This week, I have chosen a selection of lessons from the Oak Academy website for you to try at home. We always aim to make the last week of school a little different, so there are some DT and drama lessons, a recap on some of the French we learned earlier in the year, and a music lesson. In Forest School we had a great time making kites, and they all flew! Firstly we lashed 2 sticks together and then made a simple sail from newspaper and masking tape. You could combine this activity with the DT lesson and test out the best model.
In school last week, we really liked learning more about animal adaptations. Following on from this, you can learn how plants are also adapted to their environments and about the special adaptations of nocturnal animals. For the older children, there is also a lesson on fossils and evolution. Once you have finished, you could try making a quiz on what you have learned for someone at home to complete, or you could even zoom with your friends and quiz each other! Or you could make a word search, using key words from your science lessons.