Week beginning 11th May English Maths Computing Ancient Greece

Hello and welcome to another week of home learning!  There is a new subject this week... COMPUTING!
First open your Scratch account using the information in your green home learning book. Then, follow the link to the online Scratch lessons.  Remember to use your Scratch login, give your project a title and save your work!  You can follow the same link to all the lessons in the unit and complete them all at once or gradually over a few weeks. (Remember to save it!).  The children should be able to follow the lessons fairly independently.  Have fun!
Please note the Y5/6 children will need to:
1. change the size of the sprite using the size option rather than shrinking it as the coding page has been updated. 
2. not forget that you can duplicate your code using left click and then alter it to save you time.
3. click on planet 2 sprite to test that the game stops as it won't if the cat sprite is clicked.
4. click on 'timer' in variables section to make timer!
There are some new booklets which you can download and fill in for your English lessons or you could try out the daily English lessons for each year group from Oak Academy or the BBC by following the links below.
Have a go at the arithmetic and mental maths lessons below and use the daily White Rose maths lessons by following the link.  The lessons really are very good and use the same methods that we use in school.  There are videos for each lesson which should be watched as you work through the sheets.  You now need to download the worksheets from the website below instead of from the website.
Follow the link to find out about family life in Ancient Greece and fill in the 'Ancient Greece Family Life Quiz' form for feedback from Mrs Paxman.