Storytime with Mrs Mammatt- New Story added Billy’s Bucket - 22nd June

Dear Class One
I thought it would be nice to keep in touch and continue our special Storytime by reading you some books online.
Over the coming weeks I will be reading a range of books from the photo below linked to our Summer Topic ‘Seas and Oceans’.
If you have any specific books that you enjoy and would like me to read then you can contact the school and ask that your request is sent to me. I will try my best to read your favourite book if I have it either at home or at school. Alternatively, why not record yourself reading your favourite book and post it to school. We can add this to our ‘Keeping in touch’ page so that all of our Lamerton children can enjoy story time with you!
Happy reading everyone.
Mrs Mammatt
Mr Seahorse By Eric Carle
I have included a power point about the author and illustrator Eric Carle. Here you will find some great art activities that you can do linked to the story!
I look forward to seeing your amazing art work!
Mrs Mammatt
The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
Here is my next story for you. I hope that you enjoy it, I have also included a booklet of activities for you to complete. 
Happy reading!
Mrs Mammatt
Now have a go at answering questions from my next video quiz linked to the story.
Good luck!
Winnie Under the Sea by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul
Introduction to the story (see above).
The story (see below).
Can you answer the following questions from the story?
There will be a small reward in the post if you answer all of these questions and complete the research.
Good luck!
Mrs Mammatt
A huge well done to Jack Y for being the first to answer all my questions from my story time quiz!
super writing and research about submarines. I also loved your submarine picture.
Congratulations Jack!
Mrs Mammatt
A very well done to Amelia for also completing the quiz. I thought that your handwriting was beautiful!
Mrs Mammatt
New Story
The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson
Quiz Time
Dont forget to look back through the story book for your answers!
Good Luck
Mrs Mammatt x
*New Story*
Sally and the Limpet by Simon James
*Quiz Time*
1. What is the name of the beach where the story is set?
2. How long do Limpets live for?
3. Find out 3 more facts about Limpets?
4. Describe in a sentence how you would feel if a Limpet was stuck to your finger.
5. Do some research on rock pools.
Take a look at the rock pool videos that I’ve attached on my weekly message board. What else could you expect to find in a rock pool?
Good luck!
Monday 18th May
Hello everyone
I thought you might like to have a break from me reading a story to you this week, so instead I have added a video book and a film adaptation from the story:
'The snail and the whale' by Julia Donaldson.
It is another one of my favourite stories so I hope that you enjoy both versions!
Follow up activities:
  • Even though the snail is small, he helps to save the whale. Think about your abilities. Is there anything that you thought you couldn't do, but you managed to when you tried?
  • Which did you prefer, the book or the film? Can your explain why? How are they different?


  • Look at pictures of snails and whales and think of words / sentences / paragraphs to describe them?


  • A rock is described as being 'as black as soot'. This is a simile. Can you find more in the story? Can you make up your own similes, or find others in different books?



  • The snail 'slithered'. Think of other words to describe how different creatures move.


  • There is a lot of rhyming in the story. Can you find the rhyming words? Can you find other words which rhyme with them?


  • Write your own story about two different creatures who go on a big adventure together?


New story- June 1st
The Fish Who Could Wish’
written by John Bush and illustrated by Korky Paul
A quick hello from Mrs Mammatt and story quiz time.....
Have a look at home and see if you can find some of the shapes that the ‘Fish Who Could Wish’ turned into.
How many can you find?
Take photos, make a list, draw what you find and send them in to me.
Have fun!
NEW BOOK- Monday 8th June
This week's book links with World Ocean Day on Monday 8th June.
'Dear Green Peace' by Simon James who also wrote and illustrated 'Sally and the Limpet'
I hope you enjoy the story read this week by Karen Salter.
Enjoy the activities.
Mrs Mammatt

Ideas linked to the story.

  • Use this book as an introduction to letter writing. What features do letters have?
  • If you could write a letter to anybody, who would you write to? Could you write and send your letter to them?
  • Find out more about Greenpeace and write your own letter to them.
  • Write a report about whales that will teach Emily about them.
  • Think of some speech / thought bubbles to accompany the illustrations in the book. What is Emily thinking? What might the whale be thinking?
  • Write a diary entry from Lucy’s point of view.
  • Imagine that Lucy sees her whale again at a later date. Could you write a story about an adventure that they might have together?
  • Look at the author Simon James website (see link above). Think of some questions that you would like to ask him:


Billy's Bucket by Kes Gray and Garry Parsons      Posted-June 22nd
Quiz Time
1. Which presents did Billy's mum and dad suggest he should have for his birthday?
2. What was the name of the shop that Billy found his special bucket?
3. Name all the sea creatures that Billy saw in his bucket.
4. Did Billy's mum and dad believe what Billy could see in his bucket? How do you know?
5. Was it right that his mum and dad laughed at Billy?
6. How do you think it made Billy feel?
7. Billy asked his parents not to touch his bucket. Were they right to ignore him?
8. Has anyone touched or used something that belongs to you when you asked them not to? How did it make you feel?
9. Did you enjoy this book? Which was your favourite part?
There are lots of activities that you can do linked to this story.
Here are some ideas! 


1-Discuss different types and uses of buckets.  Use a selection of buckets made of different materials and props to suggest ideas of what people use buckets for. 

Work together to make a list of uses for buckets and compare with the list in the book.


2-Pass round a bucket and let your child look inside and use their imagination to say what they might see in a bucket.


3-Make up song about what they might sea under the sea,.  Use the tune to “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush”., and add to the following:

What will we see under the sea, under the sea.

What will we see under the sea when we go diving.


4-Use sea creatures for “A tisket a tasket what’s in the basket game”. 

Lives in the sea and rhymes with dish – Fish

Find on the beach and rhymes with  bell – shell

Lives in the sea and rhymes with park – shark

You have to be careful if you find one on the beach and it rhymes with dab – crab

Is very big and rhymes with nail – whale.

Find at the bottom of the sea and rhymes with clock - rock