Spirituality Week

20th March 2017
This week we are holding 'Spirituality Week'. We have defined spirituality as 'Reflection of self, Understanding Others, Apprecation of Beauty and Awe and Wonder of Beyond'.
In the morning, Class 2 enjoyed a trip to St Andrews. They hosted an Easter workshop for us.  The children explored spirituality in the church through the senses by reflecting on what they could see, hear, feel, taste and smell. They also created woven triangle structures which we have brought back to school.
Annie came in and talked us through her trip to the Holy Land 'walking in the foot steps of Jesus'. Did you know that over every Holy site of interest there are now huge Churches to celebrate the occasion?. Did you know that Jesus was a Jewish boy? (as well as being a Christian). Did you know that Jesus was the first Christian? Did you know that there is so much salt in the Dead Sea that you cannot swim?
We really enjoyed looking at Annie's photos.
Class 1 made Easter gardens and they had a visit from Jess Squires. She led a P.E. lesson for us.
On Thursday, the whole school went for a windy walk up Pew Tor. Despite the forecast promising us a sunny day, the weather was disappointing, so in true British style, we picnicked on the bus first! The children were keen to walk anyway and their enthusiasm was a pleasure to see. Class 2 children partnered up with the younger children and were brilliant at encouraging them and looking after them along the way. At the top, sheltered under a rock, Mike Jeffries led a prayer about the beauty of the world around us. We all had a lovely afternoon!