Activities Day 5

28th September 2018
Well our last day ended a week of sunny, dry weather - it really couldn’t have been better! Today’s activities were bushcraft and archery. The children also enjoyed playing in the sand during the archery session and some children took part in some spontaneous role play of ‘Thomas and the Tinners’ (our Literacy story) in the woods.  Everyone had a go at fire lighting and worked together to try and keep the fires alight.  Some of the children managed to hit the bull’s eye on the archery board - one of the pictures shows a Year 3, delighted that he’d got one.
Both staff and children have had a great week and all the activities were mentioned as somebody’s favourite. The Activity Centre does run sessions in the holidays for family visits which the children would really enjoy. We are very proud of the way our children tried everything and encouraged each other. So many of them have said that they wouldn’t have thought that they could have managed the challenges and that they are so pleased that they tried their best.  Thank you Mrs Sterry for organising a fantastic week of activities!