School council minutes Autumn 2021/22

School council minutes 4.10.21
Present: Mrs Mammatt, Isabelle, Tobias, Emily, Kimberly, Lily, Aggie and Fred
  • Welcome and badges
  • Expectations of school council
  • Vision and aims
We all decided to spend the week thinking about what we would like our schools visions and aims to be. This will include researching charities we would like to raise money for and looking at ways that we can be a greener school. We also want to involve our school community more this year after so much isolating from the pandemic. We will then collect all of our ideas and share them with the school shortly.
One area that the children would really like to focus on in our school is improving the Year 4 books in our library. However, they are pleased with the range and variety in other year groups. 
We look forward to collecting ideas from pupils across the school in our suggestions box and sharing them at our school council meetings so that everyone has a voice.
Minutes 18.10.21
Present: Fred Kimberly Isabelle Lily Aggie Emily Tobias and Mrs Mammatt
Research Task:
Isabelle has done lots of research over the past week or two and is keen to support a charity that helps support girls in Education. This charity is called 'Action Aid' and is something that we will explore as a school council to see how we can get involved.
We discussed how Prince William is now supporting entrepreneurs to make our planet more Eco friendly by funding new technology and promoting new initiatives.  The school council will like to get involved with this new 'Earth shot' award.
We discussed how it would be good to donate food to our local Tesco food bank more regularly so we aim to do this once a term.
School Voice box:
Lily and Aggie have agreed to make and decorate a suggestions box for Class One so that we can share and discuss other children's ideas at our meetings, ensuring that every child has a voice.
Emily, Isabelle and Kimberly will make a box for Class Two and then share this idea in our first assembly back at school.
We are now delighted to have our mission statement:
Values and Vision
  • We will help to make this great school, which we are very proud of, even more amazing.
  • We are here to listen to pupils in school so that everyone has a voice.
  • We will raise awareness about local and global issues.
  • We will raise money for charities and people in need.
  • We will promote positive thinking and encourage everyone to look after their mental health.