School Council minutes Autumn 2020

                Minutes from our first meeting                                         Monday 28th September
Present: Mrs Mammatt, Alana, Kelly, Scarlett, Frankie, Alex, Isaac and Jasmine
Matters discussed:
1. Welcome and badges
Mrs Mammatt congratulated us on becoming members and awarded us our School Council badges.
We then had our photo taken for the website and notice board.
2. Values and Vision
We talked about what we stand for as a school council and what we would like to achieve this year in terms of how we make Lamerton School even better. Everyone put forward their ideas and after lots of discussion we decided on these shared values.
Values and Vision
  • We will help to make a great school even better.
  • We are here to listen to pupils in school so that everyone has a voice.
  • We will raise awareness about local and global issues.
  • We will raise money for charities and people in need.
  • We will promote positive thinking and encourage everyone to look after their mental health through posters, leaflets and videos.
We then began to discuss how we would set out to do this but unfortunately ran out of time! We have kept a note of all our ideas.
Our next meetings agenda will include amongst other topics:
  • Our 'Goals and Ambitions'
  • Assigned roles for each member.
  • Diary check and a looking ahead to events happening throughout the school year..... exciting!