Message from Mrs Mammatt for week beginning 18th May

Hello everyone!

I hope you have had a good week.

Next week we would like you all to have a rest from online learning and to try something different. This might be some sewing, making a den and camping in your garden, staying up late and star gazing, creating your own scavenger hunt, making a bug hotel or even creating your own board game….anything goes!


It would be lovely to catch up with you all again so we are inviting you to another ‘Show and Tell’ this Friday 22nd May at 1pm. It would be great to see as many of you as possible.


Home learning will commence again for all year groups on Monday 1st June so if you have chosen not to send your child in to school or your child is in year 2, there will still be plenty to do on our website.  


Below are this week's tasks

As always, have fun and just do what you can!


Tiddler- By Julia Donaldson

This week I’ve included two links to the story ‘Tiddler the story telling fish'.

  1. Read and listen to the story video.
  2. Have a go at the actions in this adaptation of the story by TinyT’sParties (second link).
  3. After you have listened to both stories, have a go at the two activities below where you can tell your own tales and create your own sea creature fact files!



Continue your amazing diary writing.


Mrs Mammatt’s story-time

Watch the film from the  story adaptation ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson and see if you can complete the follow up questions.


For those that have been following the White Rose lessons for Reception, Year 1 or 2. PDF worksheets will be sent out along with Mr Johnson’s weekly update.

Mr Johnson will also be adding his usual maths planning for the week.

 *  Reading  *

There are plenty of books on the Oxford Owl Site.

I have also included a link to ‘Audible’ where you and your child can listen to stories. This is a great resource if you want your child to be hearing more challenging vocabulary but they are not quite ready to be reading the words themselves.

*  Phonics Reception  *


We're still working on phase 4 while revising phase 3 of Letters and Sounds.

Have a go at the Phase 4 booklet that I’ve included this week!

*  Phonics Year 1  *


This week we're revising some of the different ways we can see the air sound written in words.


Remember, the sound (phoneme) stays the same but the way we write it down (the grapheme) changes.


Make sure you can use your spy eyes to recognise these graphemes in words.


air (pair)      ear (wear)      are (care)    


I've added a sheet for you to highlight and read. Have a go at using some of the words in sentences. 



Spot Mr Whoops mistakes

This week I’ve included a booklet to help your child to recognise some of the common exception words in context with a selection of tasks.

Follow the link for ‘SirLincalot’


Create your own underwater collage by having a go at bubble printing. I've attached a video link.

Once the paper is dry you can add all sorts of underwater creatures and plants.

Another way of creating bubbles is to print from bubble wrap as shown in the picture below.

*  Dance Lessons with Miss Squire *


Don't forget to look out for the Parentmail on Thursday with the links to Jess's dance classes.  

 Below is the link to BBC bitesize, well worth a look and, if you fancy some singing, don't forget Singup.


Have a good week and I look forward to seeing you all on Friday at 1pm

Mrs Mammatt x