Message from Mrs Mammatt 8th June WORLD OCEAN DAY

Good morning everyone. I am very excited to invite you to:

World Ocean Day for schools

A festival celebrating our ocean connection.


On Monday 8th June you are invited to bring the wonder of the ocean from the deep blue to wherever you are. An interactive line up of ocean advocates will unfold on their website which can be found right here:


Normally, if we had all been at school, we would have visited Wembury beach or visited the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. So instead we can celebrate a whole day of learning at home from live ocean films, science lessons, music performances, yoga, breath-work, storytelling and much more!


Dress up in blue on the day to get in the mood for the festival! 


I really hope that you enjoy the day and look forward to hearing how you got on.

*Other learning*


Please see Mr Johnson's weekly updates for your math, geography and history home learning.


Mrs Mammatt’s story-time

This week, I shall be reading ‘Dear Green Peace’ by Simon James who also wrote ‘Sally and the Limpet’.

Ideas linked to the story.

  • Use this book as an introduction to letter writing. What features do letters have?
  • If you could write a letter to anybody, who would you write to? Could you write and send your letter to them?
  • Find out more about Greenpeace and write your own letter to them.
  • Write a report about whales that will teach Emily about them.
  • Think of some speech / thought bubbles to accompany the illustrations in the book. What is Emily thinking? What might the whale be thinking?
  • Write a diary entry from Lucy’s point of view.
  • Imagine that Lucy sees her whale again at a later date. Could you write a story about an adventure that they might have together?
  • Look at the author Simon James website (see link below). Think of some questions that you would like to ask him:



*  Reading  *


It’s lovely to see the books that you are reading at the moment. Perhaps we could have a ‘Book Club’ zoom next week to talk about the books that we have enjoyed. Watch this space………


I've also added a link to The BookTrust Home Time page. It's an excellent site where you can find free online books and videos, play games, win prizes, test your knowledge in book-themed quizzes and learn how to draw some of your favourite characters.

A really great site.


*  Reception Phonics  *


This week we're revising the long vowel sounds.

I've added some activities below.


igh (high)     and oa (coat)


*  Year 1 Phonics  *


This week we're learning to spell the number words to ten. Number words to 10


Continue with ‘SirLincalot’


Continue to practise a different group of 5 words from either your 100 or 200 common exception word list.

There are some great games on the ‘Topmarks’ link which I have attached below.

*ART project*

Continue with your 3 week art project. I hope it is going well. Let me know if you have any problems.

The Year 2 task links really well with 'World Ocean Day' and my story this week 'Dear Green Peace'by Simon James.

You can use the support sheet attached for ideas.


*Zoom Meeting*
Join both myself and Mr Johnson this Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm for a chance to say hello to your class mates both at home and back in school. You may want to prepare some questions for the children that have returned to school so that you can find out what it is like and how different it is to 'normal school'.
As usual a zoom ID will go out on parentmail.
I look forward to seeing you all then.
Mrs Mammatt