Message from Mrs Mammatt 29th June

Sea themed Joke of the week
What did the sea do to the sand?
Made the sand blush because the seaweed!
Its really important that we are kind to people we know as well as our neighbours and the wider community, especially during this time. I have seen many acts of kindness from people around me as well as people on the news such as volunteers and NHS workers.
Have you ever thought how important it is to be kind to yourself as well?
Sometimes we focus just on the negative things about ourselves, particularly when we are going through a hard time. Here's a video to help you think about this and to remind you that being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to others. 
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Class One Zoom
Last week we were unable to have a whole class zoom due to laptop technical difficulties. This week we are going to attempt another one.
We will send you a parent mail by Wednesday in time for our meeting at 1:30pm on Thursday afternoon.
We hope as many of you wonderful children  in Class One can join us, particularly those that are at home still, as a way of us all keeping in touch. 

Thank you to those of you that have sent in pictures of your art projects as well as videos and photos of the work you have been doing at home. Certificates should be on their way now. Let me know if they don't arrive.

Well done to those who answered the questions to my story-time quiz last week. I will be sending something to you shortly as well.

Below are this week's tasks mainly for Year 2 and EYFS now as we have all of Year 1 back in class.  Mr Johnson will also add his weekly maths sessions. If you have any questions, please email me at

 admin@lamertonprimary.devon.sch   adding FAO Mrs Mammatt in the subject box.                                                                                       


Diary writing

How are getting on with your diary entries each week? Have a look back through your book. I imagine that a lot has happened since your first entry in May. How has your writing improved? I would love to see some of your work so keep it coming into school.

 Daily English lessons

Follow the daily lessons on oak academy. I have provided the link for Reception and Year 2 below.


*  Reception Phonics  *


This week we're looking again at the sounds


oi (coin) and ear (dear)

*Year 1 Phonics  *


This week we're learning how to spell the number words to twenty.





How many of the 100 (year 1) or 200 (year 2) high frequency words can you now read and spell from the list? Check and practise any that you are still unsure of. Use the look say cover write check sheet and test yourself at the end of the week.


I hope that you enjoyed lesson one of our music series for the term. This week we are moving onto lesson 2. I’ve included a link again in case you don’t have it.


Join Miss squires again for some more dance fun. A parentmail went out last Thursday with the link.