Message from Mrs Mammatt 22nd June

Mrs Mammatt's Joke of the day!
How do Oceans say hello to each other?
They wave! 

Hello everyone

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and are keeping safe and well.

I appreciate that it’s very hard to keep the momentum going with your home learning for this long length of time and I am so grateful to you and your parents for doing the very best that you can under these circumstances.

It’s been lovely to see more of you in class again this week and we are all missing those of you that are unable to join us yet.

Thankfully, things are beginning to slowly go back to some kind of normal but life is still very different for lots of us in different ways. To help with this, I have included some video assemblies based around hope, well being and resilience to help you think about and talk about how you have been feeling during the last few months. I hope you find it useful. 


*Zoom meeting*

Due to our class laptop being very temperamental and switching itself off at the moment our Class zoom will unfortunately have to be postponed this week.

Do let me know if your child would like a phone call from me and I can arrange one for next Wednesday. This is for the children that are still having to stay at home. Just email me with a FAO Mrs Mammatt.

Art Projects

For some of you, it will not be as easy to share your work on zoom as you may have created a power-point or booklet, so it would be lovely if you could send a picture or video of your work via our school email, addressing it to myself FAO Mrs Mammatt.

I will be giving out or sending certificates for those children that have completed this work.


Empathy Day 9th June

Sadly we missed Empathy Day this year but the good news is that all the books and resources are still there for you to enjoy on their website.

The day focused on using books to step into someone else’s shoes. Scientists say that we can train our brain with stories – ‘the more you empathise with characters, the more you understand other people’s feelings’.

You can catch up here with some fun home-based activities from well known authors and illustrators. 


I’ve also included our focus book this week which is a story video entitled

The storm Whale by Benjii Davies and a booklet with a range of activities that you can complete.

For more literacy resources go to Mrs Mammatt's story time page.

This week I shall be reading Billy's bucket by Kes Gray.

Some of you will know this story as we read it in class last week and it was very popular!

There, you will find lots of speaking, listening, reading and writing ideas


A reluctant reader plus a loving animal can be a powerful combination for reading practice.


Reading to a dog, or any pet, gives children a safe environment to practice their reading, make mistakes, and grow as a reader. Plus, it’s way cooler than reading to mum and dad every night.

Read to your pets challenge!

We would love to see a photo of you reading with your pets.


Reading support

To keep that Love of Reading' going throughout the coming weeks I have provided you with a couple of resources including a ‘Reading bingo’ where you can pick and choose a variety of activities when reading or choosing your next book at home.

*  Reception Phonics  *

 This week we're revising all of the sounds we've learned in phase 3 so I've added a link to some short videos and games for each sound.

*  Year 1 Phonics  *

This week we're learning about compound words. A compound word is made by joining two words together to make a new word.

Follow the link below for a short video and some games. 


Join Nigel Pilkington and Suki - the ship's monkey - as they set sail in search of buried treasure...and enjoy plenty of songs along the way!

Sun, sea and song! is a music series based around the theme of the sea and can be used to support our KS1 topic. 

There are seven sea-themed songs to learn, including a number of traditional favourites, and each song is accompanied by a music activity, an episode of a traditional story and a piece of listening music to evaluate.



This week have a go at making a jelly fish out of junk modelling.



*DT - Cooking*

Seaside trifle recipe

Why not have a go at this delicious desert to link with our seaside topic. The layers of trifle make up the sea, surf and sand. Top it off with a cocktail 'beach' umbrella. Please note that although this recipe is safe for children to taste and explore with their mouths, it is not intended for them to eat in large quantities.


Continue with this week’s science tasks. All the resources can be found on last week’s message. You will just need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.


I hope that you are finding these weekly resources useful. Do let me know if there is anything else that you would find helpful during this time.

Have a good week everyone!

Mrs Mammatt x