Message from Mrs Mammatt 15th June

Good morning everyone and welcome to another week of learning.
Watch this video to get your day off to a great start.
Feeling positive........okay lets go!
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Here is a wonderful poem about the sea. I hope you enjoy it!

The Sea Children’s poem read by Peter Quinton

 Watch the video link above.


What images were created in your head from the poem? Can you draw a picture of what you saw? 

Name all of the plants and animals that were mentioned in the poem?

Read these lines again:


As I gently fell asleep

I felt a tear a little weep

How deep inside my heart did ache

For on the beach I knew I’d wake.


Can you explain how the poet feels about returning to the beach after his adventure under the sea and why?

Sharing a shell by Julia Donaldson

Is there a 'moral' to this story? Does it teach us anything?

Think about people who help you. What do they do? What can you do to help them?


Writing ideas

  • Retell and write the story from the point of view of the crab.
  • Make a list of the rhyming words in the story.
  • Investigate the rhyming patterns on each page of the book.
  • Make a list of the words that describe movements in the story, e.g. roaming, romping, rollicking. Can you think of any more?


Reading Eggs are now offering free downloadable Home Learning resources so I've also added a link to their website.


School Library service

We appreciate that it can be difficult to source a range of books for your child during this long period of time, so we are now offering a pick up and drop off service at school where we will update your child's reading book. There will be a parentmail to explain this in more detail.

*  Reception Phonics  *


We're revising the oo (long and short sound) and er phonemes this week. I've added a couple of Roll and Read sheets.


I've also added a couple of phoneme spotter stories as they double up as reading practise as all the words used contain sounds we have learned.

*  Year 1 Phonics  *


This week we're revising adding s and es to words to make plurals but which one should we use?


The rule to remember is that if the plural noun you want to write ends in any of these: s, ss, sh, ch, tch, x, xx, z or zz add ‑es to the end to make it plural otherwise just add s.


It's important to say the word aloud and listen carefully to the ending. If you hear an extra syllable at the end (like a ch or iz sound) e.g peaches  you have to add es to the word. 


I've added a Powerpoint link below
Please continue to use the White Rose lessons that we are using in school.
Follow Mr Johnsons planning that is posted weekly. 


Here is fun song to practise this week where you will learn and memorise a range of animals from under the sea. Good luck….it gets more and more complicated as the song continues!!

There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea.


Wider music opportunities

The BSO Young Explorers: Sea, Voyages & Hope first video is now live!

Prepare to set sail on a musical voyage……..


This is an exciting opportunity for your child to rehearse two newly-commissioned nautical songs to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s pioneering voyage from Plymouth.


You can also go to their web page to watch a timetable of activities over the next few weeks.



Our science this term covers five key areas of the science curriculum:

Week 1 *Movement and the senses

Week 2 *Reproduction

Week 3 *Living creatures

Week 4 *Classification and variation

Week 5 *Caring for animals and their environments


I have provided a range of activities from the 'Sea life'centre for each of these subjects.


These can be completed on a weekly basis over the next 5 weeks.


Each subject includes a slide show that link with the worksheets provided. You will need to print these worksheets to complete the tasks.


Have fun young scientists!

Jess squires has a new dance session out this week! A parent mail went out last Wednesday with the link. Have fun!