Spirituality Week

29th March 2021
This week is 'spirituality week'. We will explore what spirituality means to us: 'Reflection of Self, Understanding Others, Appreciation of Beauty and Awe and Wonder of Beyond'. 
Reflection Of Self
We enjoyed a session with Jess Squires thinking about ourselves and the things that make us happy.
Understanding Others
We have been thinking of others at Lamerton. We have collected donations for Tavistock Food Bank, a very important local charity.
We have also made Easter cards for the residents of Venn House.
Appreciation of Beauty
We usually go on a whole school trip but the pandemic has stopped us this year. Instead we focused on our local area. Class 2 spent a wonderful sunny afternoon in our Forest School, looking at what lives and grows there with fresh eyes. The children responded to what they found by drawing pictures, making a cosy nest, completing a scavenger hunt and writing stories.
Awe and Wonder of Beyond
We recorded our Easter Service. Thank you to Rev Andy for his technical support. 
We also visited Buckfast Abbey virtually   www.buckfast.org.uk/education/easter2021
We learnt about Holy Week with the help of staff from Buckfast Abbey.