Trip to Exeter

20th March 2018
We had a fantastic trip to Exeter today, inspiring 'awe and wonder', as part of our Spirituality Week. Despite the scheduled visit to the Synagogue having to be abandoned due to snow, we had an action-packed time.
The day began with a beautiful snowy drive over the moor. When we got to Exeter, we had an impromptu visit to two of the nearby churches- one old, one new- led by Rev Andy, who used to work in the area and was full of knowledge about the church history.
After lunch, we had tour guides to show us around the Cathedral: the older children were taken on a rooftop tour above the stunning vaulted ceiling, whilst the younger ones were shown much of the fascinating artwork in the Cathedral, including the Hickory Dickory Clock, complete with mousehole. 
The children were outstanding as ever - excellent behaviour, beautiful manners and thoughtful questions characterised the day. Thank you to all the adults who made this trip possible - in particular Reverend Andy, whose local knowledge was a fantastic addition to the day.