Governor details

Our Governing Body consists of:
  • two parent governors
  • one local authority governor
  • one staff governor
  • one headteacher
  • six co-opted governors
  • two foundation governors

We have two committees-Resources and Curriculum. Full Governors meet once a term. We also have an Ethos group.


 Name of governor  Date of appointment  Term of office  Who appointed Attendance record 2018-2019 Business and Pecuniary interests   Governance roles in other educational institutions? Material Interests 
 Nick Henderson
(Chair of Govs)
 04.12.18.  4 years  Co-opted    Yes  None  None
 Beverley Edgar (Vice-Chair of Govs)  21.03.17.   4 years  Co-opted     None  None  None
 Stephen Durkin
(Chair of Resources)
 21.03.17.  4 years  Co-opted    Yes  None  None
 Deborah Bevan  21.03.17.  4 years  Co-opted    None  None  None
 Anke De Wilde  28.11.17.  4 years  Parent    None  None  None
 Hilary Marks  21.03.17.  4 years  Co-opted    None  None  None
Barbara Meikle  27.03.17.  4 years  Foundation    None  None  None
 Annie Jefferies  01.01.12.  4 years  Foundation    None  None  None
Holly Anderson-Stacey  01.01.16. 4 years Co-opted    None  None  None
 Simon Hunter 28.06.16.   4 Years  Parent    None  None  None
Tamsin Mammatt  01.01.16.  4 years Staff    None  None  None
 Sarah Currell  06.12.17.  4 Years  LA    Yes  None  None
Melody Sterry Jan 2012  4 years Head Teacher 100% None None  None