Barton Hall Y6 Residential 2022

8th June 2022
We’ve had a great afternoon and the children have been perfect! They’re all happily sorting their rooms out at the moment and are nearly ready for dinner and a campfire. All the children managed to abseil despite some being a little scared of heights. They all enjoyed the canoeing and most jumped in at the end.
Happy children
Day 2:
Lights out at 10pm last night and I didn’t see them again until 7pm!
Day 2
We had a fantastic time on all the rides at a very quiet Woodlands, followed by an action packed afternoon on site. Tonight we’re off to the shop and disco. The children have been superb and the room inspections are proving tricky  to judge between so they will have to come up with a performance for bonus points tomorrow! They’ve made new friends, supported each other well and have all eaten well too!
Although they were very quiet, some didn’t get much sleep last night so they’ll be very tired tonight!
Day 3
They all slept well and have had a massive breakfast. This morning they competed against each other to get to the top of the vertical climb. Some were super speedy and they all managed to climb high.  They are running around completing a photo challenge at the moment before lunch. 
We’ve had a great time and they’ve been a pleasure to take.