Ancient Greeks

Find out how the Ancient Greeks began:

(Some children will need help reading this page)


Watch a youtube video to learn about the legacy of Ancient Greece and what life was like at the time.  The Greeks invented a lot of amazing systems and things which we still follow today.  Can you write a list?


Find out where Ancient Greece was and some key events using the information in lesson 1.

Open the powerpoint and all the attachments.  Follow the powerpoint and try the activities. Good luck!

Print the timeline activity and the map pages to fill in.  The Alexander the Great activity is for the older children. 

The fact sheet comprehension activity has 3 levels of difficulty.  1 star is the easiest and 3 stars, the hardest.  Select the right level for you.


Find out about story pots in lesson 2 and create your own pot using the template or paint one yourself.

There are two power points to study before creating your own pot. listen to one of the Greek myths before you create a design as Greek pots told stories.  Alternatively, use ideas from the power point slides. Please send photos of your amazing Ancient Greek pots in to school.


Relax and listen to Ancient Greek myths here:

Albert's Grandma wins the 'Teacher of the Week Award' for writing a super quiz to fill in as you watch an episode of Horrible Histories!  You will find out about the Ancient Greeks including how tough it was to be a Spartan, how Zeus came to be King of the Gods and about the legend of Helen of Troy. We will find out more soon... it is my FAVOURITE topic! 
As you now know, Ancient Greece was split into City States which would only come together to fight a common enemy - like the Persians.  Life was very different in each state.  See if you would rather have lived in Athens or Sparta by following the links below.  You could draw and label a hoplite, make a video documentary about the two cities, create your own shield or draw a trireme.